1. Food Safety


Nowadays, many young people like to eat out, but they are very worried about the safety of food, so the most important thing for customers is the safety of food. As the owner of the food truck, the ingredients purchased should be safe and reliable, so that customers can eat at ease.


2.The taste of food


The taste of the food is the best brand for a food truck, which will not only attract new customers, but also attract many returned customer


3.Hygiene problems in dining cars


The hygiene of the food truck will directly affect the appetite of customers. If the hygiene of the food truck is very dirty, it will give customers a feeling that the food is not clean. So no matter how busy the business is, we should pay attention to the hygiene problem.


4.The price of the food


The price of food in the food truck should be generally acceptable. If the street food is too expensive, no matter how good the food is, it won't attract many customers.


5.Service attitude


Customers don't want to buy food from people with bad service attitude, so as a food truck operator, you should pay attention to your attitude, don't be impatient with customers, and treat people kindly. #food truck