There is a new way to enjoy fruit, the fruit shakes. Fruit shakes allow you to enjoy all the benefits that fruits have to offer. Processing fruit in a blender allows the fiber to break down to ensure that you digest all of the vitamins and minerals; and also this is a new way that many people looking to increase their fruitcount. which helpos the fruit shake food trailer business. You can use virtually any fruit when making a fruit shake, and you can combine them to make various concoctions to offer in your food trailer. But why not try the diet fruit shake? It is great for any occasion #fruit shake food trailer



All you need is low fat or fat-free Greek yogurt, some fat-free milk, fresh mango, a few ice cubes, some yummy chopped pistachios, and a blender ( you don't forget it, right? ), then you can get this nutritious treat.And here is Karyn Capozzo, the registered and licensed dietitian with Apple A Day Lifestyle Counseling showing you how to make