1. Awning

An awning  must be prepared, it is convenient for customers to cover the rain when it rains;

Sunny days are convenient for customers to shade


  1. Refrigerator or freezer


Meat,vegetables and fruits all need refrigeration to ensure the freshness of food. Especially in summer, food is easy to go bad because of the hot weather, so refrigerators or freezers are necessary for dining cars


  1. Dining table and chair


Customers sometimes leave because they don't have a dining table and chair next to the food truck. They may not want to pack their food, but eat next to the dining car, so the dining table and chair are very necessary to provide a place for customers to rest.


  1. Kitchen utensils and appliances


The most important thing is the kitchen utensils, if it is a barbecue truck, you need a barbecue rack;If it's pizza, you need an oven. If it's ice cream, you need an ice cream machine.Make sure your kitchen utensils are fully stocked.


  1. Menu


You need to make a paper menu or electronic menu, can more intuitive display your food types and prices, preferably with food pictures, will make people more desire to buy. #food truck