Hamburger, as a kind of fast food, is very popular with the modern people's favorite food, the preparation process is simple, short time consuming, and very delicious. Here are the simple steps to cook a hamburger in the food truck. #food truck


  • Customer order, tidied up hamburgers on the food truck, chicken emissions in bringing warm box, ready to materials (such as eggs, etc.)
  • Chicken heat emissions on the iron plate to golden brown, aside to be used, the eggs Fried good (8 mature taste better), put the hamburgers on baking line (such as need to put in Hamburg embryo in baking stage heating in winter, mouthfeel is better, and salad sauce (according to the customer need to add the tomato sauce, etc.) after put the egg chicken, with clip into the food bag sales.(You can add sausage, etc to the middle of a hamburger)