With a # food truck in your possession, these items will be essential for producing your products and keeping your food truck operating efficiently. To stock your food truck you will need:


  1. Cooking Equipment: Grills, Ranges, Fryers, Microwaves, Toaster, etc.


  1. Warming and Holding Equipment: Countertop Food Warmers, Soup Kettles, Fry Dump Stations.


  1. Food Prep Equipment: Work Tables, Knives Cutting Boards, Pans, Food Processors, etc.


  1. Serving Equipment: To-Go Containers, Cups, Napkins, Disposable Utensils, Food Trays, etc.


5.Refrigeration Equipment: Prep Table, Undercounter Refrigeration, Countertop Glass Door Refrigeration. 


  1. Janitorial Equipment: Sinks, Wet Mats, Sponges, Sanitizing Chemicals, Trash Cans, Brooms and Mops.