Are you a pizza lover? It's a fast food which is popular with people all around the world from past to nowadays. If you have the plan  to open a food truck, pizza is a great choice to make in your food truck. There are some tips to make the pizza more tasty.


  • Activate Yeast

         Always activate yeast first before adding it to the flour. Usually instant yeast is added      directly to the flour but you can also activate it the same way as active yeast. This way you will save your flour in case the instant yeast is dead.

  •  Avoid using a lot of yeast 

         Using less yeast is the secret to the best pizzas served in restaurants and pizzeria Use less and give more time for the yeast to work well. This results in a better flavour & best tasting pizza crust.

  • Let dough rise slowly at room temperature

        Do not hasten to rise it quickly at higher temperature. Slow rise pizza dough acquires a   unique flavour and better texture. Do not go by the time factor let it rise until it doubles.         On colder days it takes longer.


  •  Bake thick crust base  

       lf you are baking a thick crust pizza base in a small oven, then it is good to bake the pizza base first for 5 to 7 mins and then smear the sauce and top it with veggies & cheese. Then bake it to finish off. Most times a thick pizza base doesn't get cooked well in smaller ovens while the cheese gets browned.


  • Health Note

      Do not use reguar media to make pizza. Reguar media is chemically bleached and has tons of adverse effects on our health.